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Father of Rock Maple

Baseball is the traditional all American game we know and love. This game has touched the lives of millions and has remained one of the most watched sports today. Every parent dreams of his or her little one picking up and swinging that baseball bat for the first time. We help make this come true for all from children to adults.

We specialize in baseball bats, the essential component to the game. We are considered the father of the rock bat making rock maple the ultimate wood bat that has changed the game forever. Maple is a naturally dense wood and we know that the denser the bat the better the hit it will create to increase the performance in the field.

The maple bat was created by small independent companies that specialize in this area just like Splitrock. We will only provide the best bat to anyone and everyone who inquires about our products, which is our guarantee to you.

We would primarily sell to the minor leagues, but due to the high demand for custom made baseball bats we sell to the everyday player too. At a lower cost than most, you still get the top quality baseball bat you’ve been searching for.

In addition to the maple bats, we carry ash and birch bats that just as easily make the ball pop off the bat for optimal performance. We can even make personalized baseball bats that turn into a life long keepsake after it has worn and been used.

We are unique in the sense that we have that custom baseball bat to suit everyone’s needs. Our site provides you with pictures of the bats that we sell so you can actually see what you would be using. Each of our bats are listed with a detailed description of the bat including the size, measurements, weight and price.If you are in the market for wood bat try a Splitrock. If there is one thing we know it’s wood bats and Splitrock carries our full endorsement.


Maple Bats

Maple itself is a very hard, dense wood and a majority of maple bats are made from rock or sugar maple. The surface hardness is about 20% greater than ash. The harder the surface the faster the ball will jump off the bat.

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Birch Bats

These bats are tougher than ash, and more flexible than maple. This hard hitting imported wood does not flake like ash and out performs maple. A lighter wood, birch allows athletes to swing larger barrel bats through the hitting zone.

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Ash Bats

When a ball is hit with an ash bat there is a trampoline affect. The ball doesn't just jump off; it first compresses the wood, then like a spring board it leaves with much more force than maple.

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