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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Time

To ensure superior quality and meticulous quality assurance, production time can span anywhere from two to five days. Beyond this, your choice of shipping will factor heavily into wait time. Within the continental United States, expedited shipping can take up to 5 days, while standard can take up to 10. (Proximity to our production facility in the Pacific Northwest may work in your favor.)

Cancellation & Return Policy

Regrettably, because every order is custom-made for a specific individual, we cannot accept cancellations once production has begun.

For similar reasons, we cannot accept returns.


  • If you wish to make minor changes to your order such as color choices, engraving text or shipping selection, you need only contact us as soon as possible, before we reach the respective point in production.
  • If you have received your order and it is not as you requested, please contact us immediately before using it.
  • If your bat has broken, do not forget every Splitrock bat comes with a warranty. See below.

30-Day/50-Hit Warranty

We do everything possible to ensure supreme quality. But while we stand behind our work, as our customer we're going to stand more behind you. So, in the spirit of this arrangement, we make to you this promise: If a bat should break within 30 Days or 50 Hits of its delivery, we will send you a replacement, free of charge.

In order for us to honor this arrangement, though, we ask that you abide by just a few stipulations:

  • Intended Use: This warranty only covers breakage that occurs in the process of hitting proper, regulation baseballs/softballs that have been properly pitched or otherwise served up.
  • Proper Care: When not in use, your bat should be stored at room temperature, free from moisture and chemicals. These can factors can adversely affect the composition of the bat.
  • Proper Technique: As with all wood bats, the logo should be pointing up when you swing, and you should your best to hit the ball squarely between the logo and the engraving. This not only ensures a longer life for your bat, but a better performance for you.
  • Photographs: We will not need the bat shipped back, but will ask for pictures of the bat, taken a specific way so we can figure out what went wrong and correct for it in the future.

If you wish to make a claim, just send us a quick message and we will get the process started.

About Splitrock Bats' History

Splitrock Bats was unofficially founded in the mid-1990's by a minor leaguer named Kevin Kuklis. It started as a mere hobby for Kuklis that allowed him to make his own bats, followed by an inauspicious start as the company's initial attempts at breaking into MLB ended in failure, but that didn't hold him back. His personal situation granted him not only the ability to create and sell bats to customers, but to test his products himself and adjust his process accordingly; it was research and development in action.

Kuklis didn't hold on to ownership of the company very long, but in a relatively short time, he granted Splitrock several dubious honors. Splitrock was one of the first to use such techniques as flame hardening and 360-radial boning, all the while unwittingly leading the charge in the rise of maple, helping to make it the most popular bat materials in baseball today.

After coming under new management, Splitrock expanded, reaching thousands of new players. Orders flowed freely and at times we found ourselves inundated. It was a blessing, financially, but a curse to our craft. We found ourselves lacking the time we needed to make the quality we wanted, and so at a certain point, we had to step back and change strategies. We took measures to shift ourselves from high volume to high quality. Our skills developed, we felt challenged- truly challenged- again and decided that was the way it was going to stay.